Wren Bear – 1

When my oldest daughter turned 2 I wrote a little book for her and had it printed. It was about all the words she could say and her favorite stuffed animal “Quack Quack”. She’s 4 now, and still carries it around sometimes and reads it to me. It was a pretty short and simple book but captured that moment in her life.

Our second child has missed out on some of the luxuries that come with being the first born. Not quite as many pictures of the mundane daily activities are taken, and not quite as many new clothes are bought. But I promised myself I’d make a book for her when she turned two. This week is her birthday and while I won’t have the book done on the actual day I’ll have it finished before the end of the year.


My girls each have unique personalities and while Wren may not be a talker she more than makes up for it with character. So for her book I’ve tried to capture her liveliness. It’s also pretty simple, but is made with lots of love.