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B. Todd

Brandon has been called many things: Art Director, Illustrator, Author, Animator, Pizza Disposal Unit. By day he bends pixels to his will and then by night he submits that will over to his two beautiful girls.

His love of picture books has existed as long as he can remember so he's thrilled to start creating some of his own.

Scribbles and Musings

Cool Cat

Each year I pick a book my daughter wrote to illustrate. This year I chose The Cool Cat Who Ate Too Much Pizza to illustrate. Get ready for a twist.

Super Puppy

My daughter loves to write. She writes a bunch of books each year. Every year I pick one of the books she’s written and illustrate it. Last year when she was 6 she wrote a book called Super Puppy. Below […]

Pencil Experiments

I still consider myself new to illustration. Exploring different techniques and finding ways to make art with them is part of the fun. Here are some experiments in colored pencil I did before I decided to do an entire book […]

More Scribbles and Musings